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New article on prevention of rehospitalization of patients with bipolar disorder

28.02.2018 – Our new article on Real-World effectiveness of pharmacologic treatments for the prevention of rehospitalization in a Finnish nationwide cohort of patients with bipolar disorder has been published in JAMA Network. We aimed to investigate what pharmacologic treatments are most likely to prevent rehospitalization with patients suffering from bipolar disorder. A little is known about […]

New article on antipsychotic treatments effectiveness among patients with schizophrenia

02.04.2017 – Our new article on Real-world effectiveness of antipsychotic treatments among patients with schizophrenia and affective symptoms has been published on European Psychiatry. In an evaluation of 22 specific antipsychotic treatments against the most frequently used antipsychotic quetiapine, it was found that the lowest rehospitalization risks were observed during the treatment periods of olanzapine long-acting injection, […]