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Parkinson’s disease medication doesn’t increase risk of cancer

1.4.2015 – The risk of developing prostate cancer in entacapone and levodopa/DDCI users compared to levodopa/DDCI users without entacapone – A nation-wide retrospective register-based study – Pharmacoepidemiological study report published in ENCePP Register of Studies. As a response to FDA commitment, EPID Research performed a study on the association between Parkinson’s disease medication and prostate cancer. Use of entacapone […]

Hormone therapy related to reduced coronary heart disease

23.3.2015 – A retrospective nationwide register study finds a positive relation between hormone therapy and reduced coronary heart disease, stroke and all-cause mortality. Estradiol-based postmenopausal hormone therapy and risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Published in Menopause 2015 Mar 23 – Abstract  

Results of retrospective nationwide register study

16.1.2015 – A retrospective nationwide register study finds no connection between Parkinson’s disease drug entacapone and risk of prostate cancer. Entacapone and Prostate Cancer Risk in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease. Published in Movement Disorders 2015. –  Abstract  

Women’s Health Initiative study

10.12.2014 – A retrospective nationwide register study on the effects of the “Womens Health Initiative” study on hormone therapy and CHD mortality in Finland: Coronary heart disease mortality and hormone therapy before and after the women’s health initiative. Published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 1 – Abstract – See a short summary of the results  

Four posters presented in 17th ISPOR

13.11.2014 – EPID Research presented four posters in  ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress, 8-12 Nov, 2014: – “Patients with COPD who initiate roflumilast in Sweden” – Poster – “Uses of electronic patient information systems and national registers – Implementation of the clinical  practice guideline and evaluation of costs and use of resources in patients with incident type 2 diabetes […]

Poster presented in ERS 2014

11.9.2014 – Poster titled “Exacerbations and healthcare resource utilization among COPD patients in Sweden” presented in ERS International Congress 2014, 6-10 Sep, 2014 –  Poster

Poster presented in 74th ADA

20.7.2014 – Poster titled “Lower risk of mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes using insulin detemir or glargine compared to NPH: a propensity score-matched nationwide register study in Finland” presented in ADA 74th Scientific Session, 13-17 June, 2014, Poster